Monday, September 5, 2011

God Brings the Rain

We have had a dry spell for quiet a while. I don't really remember the last time it rained this summer, but I know it's been a month. Or almost anyway. We missed all the rain Saturday from Tropical Storm Lee, and Sunday morning we got some light showers. But early this morning, around 2 AM, we finally got rain. A good downpour! Today it's been steadily raining with no thunder or lightning. For that I am grateful! I never liked thundering or lightning! Just rain is fine by me! The electricity stays on!! I pray this rain will help us! Our house has two cracks from this dry spell..seems like this is the driest, hottest summer ever.

Anyways, last week was a very good week! Thursday me, MawMaw and Granddaddy went to Aberdeen(MS) and took pictures of an old church...I will post it later! After that we went to Monograms Magic to see my Aunt Amy! That was so much fun! Looking around at all the neat stuff they had and gasping at some of the prices! lol. I tried on a pair of flip flops and love them! A late graduation present from my Aunt Amy! :) They are black with brown glittery strap. Ever since I've had them, my feet have not hurt anymore!!

Friday me and Daddy went to Tupelo! I found MORE stationary! I had a fit over some Vera Bradley stationary at Monograms Magic, but they were too expensive. *sighs* Oh well, these will do for now! :) After that we went to Hobby Lobby! MORE CRAFT STUFF! I heart Hobby Lobby and all their crafties! I found some stickers, yarn and cameo on clearance! I heart good sales too! :D

Yesterday Granny and PawPaw came over! We had KFC for lunch and had a great visit! I got Granny some large print books that I knew she'd enjoy! Then I gave her some earrings I had made for her! She loved them too! :) I wish they could come up more often and vice versa.

And today is Labor Day! No babies and silence! :) I'll enjoy it! :) The living room is MINE! Bring on the craftiness! And of course, today will be great! God brought the rain! :)