Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Sales

The month of December has been here for a week and I've already sold over 20 Christmas jewelry! I've made some new creations this season of jingle bells, Santa hats, Angels and snowflakes. They are so pretty, if I say so myself! I'm so glad how December has started and hope it continues better by the day! God is so good!

The one bad thing about this month is IT'S SO COLD! Even my room is freezing with the heat on. My window has to be facing the North wind and my bed has to be next to it?! Seriously.... Oh, well! I'm thankful to have a roof over my head and actually some heat. Again, God is so good! 

I put our Christmas tree up Sunday nite. Eh....I do not like the 3" purple tree. But glad to have a tree! It's missing ornaments though! We can't find the hooks! lol. It's pathetic. Ha. 

I'm kinda wishing I had a Christmas tree. My hope chest has room next to my printer for one I think. Hm.....maybe next year! :) 

Well, I'm off! I haven't felt like blogging in awhile. I guess I just don't like wasting time on here, but it's good to write. I enjoy working on my novel and I wish I had time to finish it. The middle is sooo hard right now. I have to think of something to happen. Not sure what....but I'll get it soon! 

Merry CHRISTmas!