Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I heart Friends, Postcards and Traveling!

So, no followers yet. Perhaps because no one is interested in what I have to say. I don't know, maybe I just haven't given this enough time. What's going on in my life?

Well, besides the fact that I thought someone was being a good friend to me, turned out to keep ignoring me and doesn't get back to me on when we were gonna hang out again and is hanging out with other people before they leave for college; I am doing rather well. I learned a long time ago that the people who weren't meant to be your friends, don't try to get them to be your friends. It rarely works out! But I am optimistic! I have a lot of friends who are very supportive and who love me! :)

My right eye has been hurting some when I look around....I'm thinking it's from being on the computer 12/7. And plus I had a rough weekend with it running. I pray I am not about to have trouble with it anytime soon! It's my only good eye that I can see out of.

I bought 9 postcards today. Only 8 rang up. Hey, saved .25 cents! I wish our Wal-Mart would bring in some new postcards! It's always the same old, same old! I need to go to Jackson....

This Friday me and Daddy are going to Tupelo! I can't wait! I am in dire need of some stickers and note cards! I've been sending them to people like crazy and I'm running out! I've joined this site called swap-bot and it's where you swap stuff with other people! I swap some of my note cards and get some by someone else in return! My favorite is the postcard swaps! I heart postcards!

I must admit that I have about 500 jewelry pieces made, and many more to create! How did I end up with so much? I'm just so blessed that I am selling a lot of pieces! On Etsy, Facebook and Yardsellr! It's doing rather well and for that I am grateful!

Well, I need to go sort some Trading cards to sell on eBay.
With Love & Blessings, thanks for reading my wandering ramblings!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Start of a New Blog

I'm thinking the reason for creating this blog is to start fresh. My other blogs are all great, but this one I want to define me and share my thoughts. I will continue blogging on Pioneer Writer, as that blog will continue being the place I do my reviews and such.

Where shall I start here? A little introductory perhaps? Alright then, my name is Natalie and I live in Mississippi. Our town is pretty small, but not so much. We have over 20,000 people here, but the biggest mall is Wal-Mart. I can't imagine living anywhere else in this world! As much as I want to leave MS and see other places, I can't picture myself LIVING anywhere else. What can I say, I am a Mississippi girl!

I live with my parents and my cats. I don't have any siblings, but the cats make up for them! I am a very quiet person and can be really shy, but I try to speak up. Honestly! I just find it hard sometimes. Especially in a group of people. I feel myself in the way and I just want to go hide. I guess I need to change that, but believe me when I say that I have tried!

All my friends have left me here in MS. They're all at college right now and yes, it's hard. Being an only child is hard enough as it is. Sure, there are still tons of people in my town, but I don't go out very much. I'm pretty much a homebody! And how can you make friends when you stay home?! Also I don't really get invited to many places. I mean, I'd like to go somewhere with someone different at least once a month. I guess I get lonely a lot. Especially when people tell me "We'll hang out soon" but that doesn't happen most of the time. My last opportunity to hang out was over a month ago and she's leaving in a week for college. We were supposed to hang out one more time, but we just got too busy in our own lives.

So, my life sounds pretty boring, right? Trust me, if I told you what I do everyday, your head would spin! I may not get out much or have a job, but I do TONS of things everyday. Hm, that could be a subject for my next post.

Til then,

PS- Okay, so I chose my name to be "Whimsical" because that is something I probably never will be! :)